Letter For My Bestfriend

By: Leonita Julian

Dear bestfriend,

Do you remember?
U said I was pretty..when I though I was ugly
U said I was angel when I though I was poison

U said the best..when I felt the worst
Bro, Your thought is what I need the most

U’re my diary
U’re my energy
U’re my guardian
U’re my comedian

Do you remember?
When I was playing around those boys heart..
The best thing….u seem enjoyed
But when one of them played on my heart..
U were always there to be my guard

my admire …U said u’re always be
the last man standing ..U said u’re gonna be
n now u have a beautiful babby
n I think u’re gonna be a great daddy

Thank u for all those years
thank u for all those cares
Bro..u’re the best
to have u is one of my blessed

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