Forbidden Love

by : Leonita Julian

Biggest secret in life

Not far from love and lust

Even the love’s still alive

But separate was a way to be wise

If only he could

She’s the one he choosed

But she won’t back for good

Cause she’s ready to loose

Maybe nothin’ lasts forever

Even when they stay together

They think separate’s much better

Cause hurt someone’s heart is a big matter

Just like a whisper

Feels long and tender

Temptation of forbidden love

Make them forget to let it off

Keep the story be hidden but still wild

So it won’t goes too wide

But if every story has it bothsides

Aint no answer whether it is wrong or it is right

4 thoughts on “Forbidden Love

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  2. Aku pernah mengalami forbidden love beberapa kali dalam hidupku. kenyatannya forbidden love selalu berakir sedih dan luka yang mendalam yg tak kunjung sembuh…sampai pada kesimpulan forbidden love gk akan pernah bisa membuat kita bahagia walau dipaksakan sekalipun..jd syukurilah dan terimalah cinta yg ada karna itu adalah Anugrah yg jarang kita sadari……………….

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