Dear friend.. who really special to me,

I have a feeling..
Someday we’ll meet finaly.

Maybe as a stranger who smiles at you, and makes you smile back awkwardly, like the second time I met you..but this time you’ll realize who is she.

Maybe as a friend who makes your heart stops beating for a moment just because my hand touches your waist suddenly.

Maybe! I mess up your hair, and your hands are all over me.

Or…maybe I come up to meet you, and tell you I’m sorry..

And then we’ll laugh at this moment after sharing story,
I already laugh at my self honestly 🙂

Oneday we realize..

that it such a shame and a waste of time for us to part by a drama we’ve made, unfortunately..
and back again we laugh at the campaign ‘let’s be friends again’ that I create recently 🙂

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